Top 10 Bike Tips

Top Ten UCSB Bicycling Survival Tips

Yes, it is possible to survive as a cyclist at UCSB and get around safely. Here are some helpful tips:

  1. Wearing a helmet can reduce your risk of head injury by 85%. With the amount of traffic you will go through daily, it is a great idea to invest in a helmet to protect yourself.
  2. Use hand signals before turning. Numerous bike accidents are caused from confusion on the bike paths. It is easy to run into people when they do not signal that they are turning. These bike accidents cause injuries to students and damages to bikes.
  3. Pass with caution on the left and alert the people around you that you are passing them. Say “on your left” loud enough so the cyclist in front of you can give you enough space.
  4. Ride single-file. When people ride next to each other, traffic jams occur. Wait until you get off your bike to talk to your friend about the quiz you just took or how great Carrillo lunch was.
  5. Honor yield and stop signs. This is very important at roundabouts. Remember that the cyclists in the roundabout have the right-of-way and you should slow down when approaching.
  6. Use caution when approaching pedestrian crossings. Even though people on the sidewalk need to be aware of bicyclists, they will sometimes overlook them.
  7. Walk bikes on sidewalks and in other pedestrian areas. If you violate this law, you will pay a fine and it will probably make a large dent in your wallet.
  8. Lock your bike in a bike rack. During peak times, an available parking space may be a minute or two away from primary bicycle racks. Take the time to find an appropriate space and you’ll save yourself the stress and expense of having your bike impounded. (Improperly locked bikes are subject to impound fees of up to $30.)
  9. Ride at a safe and reasonable speed. Consider the flow of bicycle traffic and other bike path conditions.
  10. Avoid the congestion of peak travel times (during change of classes) whenever possible. You’ll find the bike paths enjoyably empty during class time!