2015-2016 Committee


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Tiffany Wu // Chair

  • Second year economics and accounting major (and hoping to minor in professional writing) from Los Altos, CA
  • RA at San Rafael, drop by and say hi!
  • Interested in financial, environmental, and safety issues
  • Hobbies: photography, chess, people watching, watching hamster videos


 Ines Hernandez // Project Manager

  • Ines is a fourth year environmental studies and dance double major from Los Angeles, CA.
  • After graduation, Ines is interested in engaging in projects that bring about strong environmental (legislative) change via community involvement
  • Her hobbies include karaoke, intense cardio, hot yoga, laughing out loud (really loud), sleeping and spontaneous hikes/activities.
  • She joined the Bike Committee with the hopes of bring long-lasting infrastructural change to the UCSB Community.



Constantine Chong // Finance Manager

  • Constantine is a third year Economics and Accounting Major from San Francisco.
  • He hopes to combine his passion for bikes and knowledge of finance to make biking at UCSB a better experience.
  • He enjoys photography, cycling, hiking, camping and exploring different types of food.





Tiffany Yeh // Administrative Coordinator

  • Third year Mathematics Major with a minor in Mathematics Education and hopes to be a high school math teacher
  • You’ll find this teacher-to-be at the local high school working with underrepresented students as a tutor and mentor.  
  • This Pacific Palisades native, can often be found hiking, urban exploring, or while at UCSB, mostly just watching Netflix and chilling with friends.  


23174952439_00b9d3d6e4_oLianna Nakashima // Media Coordinator

  • Lianna is is a second year Dance and Art double major with hopes of minoring in Exercise Sports Studies Health and Wellness as well as Multimedia Communication.
  • As a Los Angeles native, she explores the latest eateries, musicals, and hiking spots.
  • Luckily she found the Daily Nexus “On the Menu” section freshman year and “Arts Week” section sophomore year. She has written and photographed for these sections ever since.
  • You may find her taking photos of food or majestic nature scenes with her Canon 5D Mark I or iPhone.
  • Organizations: Gaucho Street Dance, UCSBreakin’
  • Hobbies: hiking, backpacking, camping, skiing, body surfing, writing, baking, cooking, and practicing yoga.
  • Linked In: https://www.linkedin.com/pub/lianna-nakashima/103/517/345
  • Instagramhttps://www.instagram.com/liannashima/
  • Daily Nexus Archive: http://dailynexus.com/author/lianna-nakashima/

22915816623_e437c9a5f5_oKevin Jin // Associate Officer

  • Kevin Jin is a second year Pre-Econ and Accounting Major who races for the UCSB Cycling Team
  • During his off time, Kevin listen to bands, such as The Antlers, Coldplay, and The National, cook a week’s worth of food, often oatmeal or rice but never at the same time. You never oatmeal and rice at the same time.
  • Currently living in a house that has a bike to person ratio of 2.75
  • Kevin worked as a bike messenger in San Francisco during the summer of 2015.
  • He became part of the UCSB Bike Committee as an Associated Officer during fall of his freshmen year.
  • What encourages Kevin to become an Associated Officer of the Bike Committee are the opportunities the committee provides for Kevin to express his ideas of a bicycle utopia on UCSB campus.

23460463721_a0522c6ef4_oCynthia Jiang // Associate Officer

  • Cynthia Jiang, affectionately known as “Cbae”, is a second year Economics and Communications double major from Fremont, California.
  • She is very excited to bring new projects that will leave a lasting impact on the UCSB community.
  • When Cynthia is not cooking minute rice in 58 seconds, or Netflix and chilling ;), you may find her watching futbol (Forca Barca! Come on Chelsea!), trying to be funny but only succeeding 98% of the time, or performing daring scooter tricks on her trusty ride, iCbae.
  • She is heavily inspired by Ronda Rousey, Emma Watson, Javier “Chicharito” Hernandez, Toni Kroos, Jamie Chung, Philipp Lahm, and Lionel Messi.
  • Instagram: @cbaenasty
  • Twitter: @cxjiang19


Krystalin Bullicer Crawford // Associate Officer

  • Krystalin is a 4th year Environmental Studies (B.A.) major minoring in Spatial Studies.
  • Aspiring towards urban and regional planning, she has an affinity for studying people’s decision-making process and ultimate interaction within their environments.
  • Her hobbies include netflix-binging, relaxing under trees, river canyon hiking, and dye-runs.